Metal Processing

We offer manufacture, repair, reconstruction and renovation of metal products and metal structures. Experienced specialists of the company provide welding, turning, angular milling services, painting of metal structures using high-quality two-component paints and sandblasting of surfaces. If necessary, we also provide services at our customer objects on their premises.

The following equipment is available at the repair shop:

Metal guillotine – working width 3000 mm, working sheet thickness 2-16 mm.

Universal hydraulic press with nominal pressure – 100t. Working width 1570mm.

The big boat. Dimensions: rolling width up to 2100mm, thickness up to 12mm.

Hydraulic semi-automatic metal saw (bandsaw), angle-cutting blanks (maximum blade diameter 200mm). Rolling machine for rolling of various metal profiles (sheet, angle, u-profile, etc.).

Metal lathe, workpiece dimensions up to:

  • Length 2000mm, diameter up to 300mm;
  • length 4000mm, diameter up to 400mm;
  • length 6000mm, diameter up to 110mm; 
  • length 200mm, diameter up to 700mm;

Works are performed by qualified and experienced specialists.

Our clients include a number of farms, logging, woodworking, construction companies, and construction material factories.