About the Company

                                 Ltd. “Fisherman’s company“ GRIFS ””

            Established in 1993, Fisherman’s company “Grifs” Ltd., a fishing company, was founded by three members of the fishing vessel “GRIFS” with the determination to start an independent business.

            The company grew and developed in 1995, setting up a considerable metalworking and ship repair base over time.

In fishing, SIA “Zvejnieku kompānija“ GRIFS ”” is the operator of a significant part of Latvia’s fishing quota in the Baltic Sea, cod – 10.8%, sprat – 9%, herring – 9%. Have set up good connections and with positive experience in working with local fish buyers in Latvia and other Baltic Sea countries. Given the limited fishing opportunities, the company attaches significant importance to balancing its fishing fleet with available fish resources. By the beginning of 2020, the company will employ 50 people. Turnover of the balance sheet for 2019 EUR 1.5 million.

        The company has valuable experience in implementing projects funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).