The fishing vessels of  Ltd. Fisherman’s company“ GRIFS” (SIA Zvejnieku Kompanija “Grifs”) are fishing in the Baltic Sea according to the allocated quotas. The fishery quota of SIA Z. K. “Grifs” for 2020 is 2638 tons of sprat and 476 herring. Unfortunately, directed fishing for cod, which has been a core activity of the company since its establishment, is currently banned in the Baltic Sea.

The company is interested in cooperating with other fishing operators in exchanging catch quotas.

The company has the following fishing vessels:

1.      LVR 0697 “Grifs” – Baltica series type trawler, length 25.45m, width 6.8m, main engine 386 kW, displacement 112 GT

2.      LVR 0837 “Priedaine” – Baltica series trawler, length 25.45m, width 6.8m, main engine 220 kW, displacement 112 GT

3.      LVR 0842 “Sirius” – length 33.5m, width 6m, main engine 633 kW, displacement 246 GT