Ship Repair

We carry out ship repairs in our shipyard by lifting the ship using a vertical ship lift with the following parameters:
maximum lifting vessel length – 52m;
maximum lifting vessel width – 10,5m;
maximum draft of the lifting vessel – 3.8m;
maximum lifting vessel weight – 600t.

Welding services including shielded gas welding.
Ship hull repair and renovation.
High-pressure equipment washing of hulls and holds.
Sandblasting of ship hulls and structures
Painting, including airless spray.
Engine repair and maintenance
Propeller and shaft repair.
Hydraulic repair and maintenance
Ship repairs are carried out by qualified and experienced technicians

The company has obtained and maintains the following certificates for ship repair:

  1. Certificate of Compliance of the Maritime Administration of the Republic of Latvia for ship repair, including:
  • repair and modernization of hull structures;
  • repair and modernization of plant and equipment;
  • repair of systems, piping, and fittings;
  • ship electrical equipment repair;
  • cleaning and painting of hulls.

2. Certificate of Compliance of the Russian Maritime Register of company certificate of conformity for ship repair including:

  • conversion, modernization, and repair of hull structures, installations, equipment, and systems;
  • maintenance and repair of electrical equipment.

3. Qualification Certificate for Welders of the Russian Naval Register for welding with different materials and in different positions.